Bringing the Early Iron Age to Life

About Me

In the SCA, I am known as my persona –  Finche (fin-ka) Odhinnsdottir.

My persona is a 4th-5th century woman located in Howe, Orcades (Orkney). Unfortunately, the archaeological site of Howe no longer exists, so all that I have to go by to start with is a monograph published by the Society Of Antiquaries of Scotland (monograph #9 – Howe).

This blog is my attempt at interpreting the bare bones information presented in that monograph. Since we don’t have a lot of “soft” information from the time period I’ve decided to portray, I admit up front, that a lot of what I’m experimenting with is supposition. To help with this experiment, I’m also using research that is parallel to my period, but from other geographic areas, as well as trying to trace developments (hopefully without making too many leaps of faith) from earlier times (e.g. the book on farming in the 1st millennium in England) to my period.

Of necessity, and to provide some contrast, I will have/do have some mundane thoughts, observations, etc. as part of my explorations and experimentation.

This page will likely undergo revisions, so today’s beginning will be v.1-8132017.