Bringing the Early Iron Age to Life


I started this blog, a month ago, with the idea of creating a persona story. After my first blog post/entry, I realized that I didn’t know quite enough (so I felt) to answer even the most basic question of – What would she have eaten for breakfast? I then proceeded to use this conundrum as an excuse not to write anything more, until I had done “enough” research. The only problem with doing, or trying to do, “enough” research, is that I allowed it to stop me from creating this persona story. I have been convinced, that this was the wrong approach to me joy of research. So, I will be starting over, or rebooting, and while Finche’s story may have many inaccuracies, know that these anachronisms will and are leading to more and moer research.

Hopefully, this will help not only disseminate what I learn, as I endeavor to bring Finche’s era and story to life, but also maybe, just maybe, inspire others not only to do research of their own, for their personas, but to help bring their personas to ‘life’.

What are your thoughts?

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