Bringing the Early Iron Age to Life

Fairs and visiting Kings

Now I have a few minutes to write about the fair day our little hamlet hosted this past Saturday to celebrate the turning of the seasons and that the last of the harvests were finally in. After the many days of rain during the week, it was looking a bit iffy on the weather front for our fair day. Luckily, the winds blew the rain clouds beyond our borders during the night before the fair, so we had fair skies and cool weather. This was a good thing for various activities that were planned,with unfortunately no alternatives for them should the weather have remained rainy.

So, we got to the location where the fair was being held, to help set up and see what other things may need to be taken care of. Eidiard had been asked by the organizer of the fair day to be our hamlet’s liaison for any visiting dignitaries. So he was off taking care of those things, making sure that there were libations and treats for those that decided to join us for our festivities. It was a good thing he was taking care of this as we had not only the neighboring Baron and his Lady but also a visiting Baron with his Lady from lands much further away. We even had a King from the neighboring lands visit. I happened to notice that the quarters set aside for the visiting dignitaries didn’t have anyone guarding for good portion of the day. So I, being a conscientious wife to Eidiard, volunteered my time to help keep an eye on the quarters – to prevent any brigands from absconding with any belongings of the visiting dignitaries – and, to be honest, to keep a watchful eye on them. After all, they were visitors with strange ways of their own, and I felt it only proper to help protect our lands.

The day was filled with much merriment for all. There were contests of strength and skill in various martial activities, including shooting bows and throwing axes. There was also a showing of various artistic abilities that while sparsely attended,did show some of the pride our people have in their abilities to make nice and pleasing items. Eidiard had put in his latest experimentation with an exotic grain called “rice” that he smoked. I had put in a loaf of my bread (I didn’t intend for it to be an entry, but it seemed to be well received), and my adopted daughter put in a neck scarf that she had made – processed from the wool of one of her own sheep, including dyeing it a beautiful golden yellow (or, to be honest – goldenrod) after she wove it.

My adopted daughter was also in charge of the feast for the day – and she truly shone through. She had more than enough meat to feed all the people who partook of the meal. Of course, she was able to process the deer herself (I still feel I have so much to learn from her) and, it and the pig meat was so tender that they seemed to fall apart if you stared at them sternly. She finished off the meal with a wonderful fruit dish with dairy.

In all, our fair day was a success, and I can now begin focussing on other projects to get me and mine through the winter months.

What are your thoughts?

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