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Musings on Candlemas

So, as is often the case these past few days, I was thinking about today – February 2nd – being Candlemas/St. Brigid’s Day/Groundhog Day. Yesterday’s post showed that the Sun will make it’s transition to the cross-quarter day (by degrees) on the 18th of this month. That’s a given. But, if one were to count the number of days from the Solstice, to today and then from today to the Equinox, the *number* of days is about equal (more or less and depending onif you count the day of, or the day after). So, that could be the “reason for the season” as it were.

As the days grow longer, the Sun appears to travel faster from sunrise to sunrise in its course toward the Equinox. Hence why the number of days are less between the Sun’s rising at its actual midpoint and the Equinox, compared to the number of days from the Solstice to the midpoint.

Calendars and man are funny things.

What are your thoughts?

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