Bringing the Early Iron Age to Life

Non sequitur

There seems to be something about this time of year (right around/just past the Autumn Equinox) that puts me in mind of starting a small farm or homestead. Is it because of the potential for econimic collapse seems to be so great, or perhaps it’s simply the fact that this time of year is the “seed planting” time. I know, not all types of seeds get planted, but here I’m talking more about “idea seeds” than actual plant seeds – although there are certain cereal cros that get planted around this time. I know that in times past, the medieval period and earlier perhaps, that September was the start of the agricultural year – starting with preparing the fields for raising crops. I would like to start a homestead, with the idea of growing it into a productive small farm, specializing in not just heirloom plants and animals, but as a successful experiment in raising historical cultivars and breeds – perhaps even contributing to the preservation of the biodiversity that once sustained our forefathers and foremothers.

What are your thoughts?

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