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Sun Tracking

Hopefully, this will allow me to keep a record of the sun and shade in my backyard for the year. The purpose of which is to provide me with a visual record of sun and shade patterns with the trees that are currently growing/living. This will let me determine which trees to keep and which trees I will have to cut down to increase garden and crop productivity/output. I will try to take the photos from the same location.

The first photo is later afternoon. There are some sources of shade that I can do nothing about, such as the neighbor’s house and trees in the neighbor’s yard. So, I will have to plan around them. There were a lot of clouds when the photo was taken, coming off from full overcast conditions.

Panorama of yard 20 Jan 2017 3:00PM (EST) Sun @ 19° 58′

This second photo is the following morning. The sky condition is mostly sunny. This was taken in late morning (after 9AM) after the sun was well up over the ridges and treetops. Sunrise itself was around 7:40AM, but even then, the yard is fairly shaded because of all the trees and ridges. Again, there are sources of shade I can do nothing about – basically, trees that are not on my property. But, since this is still Winter, it’s not going to be too much of a problem – for summer crops.

Panorama of yard 21 Jan 2017 920AM

Panorama of yard 21 Jan 2017 9:20AM (EST) Sun (rise) @ 19° 45′

 This third photo is of late morning, approaching midday (by the clocks, not the Sun’s actual location). In this photo, I tried to also show a bit of the neighbor’s yard that is to our south as the buildings and trees also affect the shade patterns in my yard.

Panorama of yard 25 Jan 2017 1115AM

Panorama of yard 25 Jan 2017 11:15AM (EST) (rise) @ 18° 47′

I finally managed to get a shot of the yard at (mostly) midday. In this below photo, I actually managed to include the neighbor’s tree and the houses to the south of our house.

Panorama of yard 25 Jan 2017 1:00PM (EST) Sun (rise) @ 18° 47′

Believe it or not, I haven’t forgotten about this project. I didn’t take a panorama view of the yard in February, but the below picture is from the ides of March.

Panorama of yard 15 March 2017 1:30PM (EDT).

And here we are in May already. The trees have all started growing out their leaves. The black locust tree even had blooms last month (honestly, it was the first time I saw them, since I learned about them this winter and never really noticed them before). The catalpa trees are casting their shade, and of course the neighbor’s trees are also leafed out.

Panorama of yard, 15 May 2017 ~ 9:30 AM

Here are a couple of single photos of the three areas under consideration for my experimental crop of barley (to be planted in the fall).

Area1 Afternoon sun May 15 2017

Area2 Afternoon sun May 15 2017

Area3 Afternoon sun May 15 2017












Here is a photo from June 2017

June 2017 – Late afternoon

As can be seen in the above photograph, the yard is pretty much in full shade. This is the problem I have with growing a garden. Most plants in a modern garden require many more hours of sun than they could get with all the trees standing. Of course, I can do nothing about the position of the house, or the neighbor’s house and trees, but I can (and will) cull a few of the trees that you can see here. One of the trees that will not be culled is the large black locust, with the other being the small Redbud tree.

What are your thoughts?

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