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Rainy days, smoking meats, baking bread

Last week, Eidiard decided he wanted to smoke some meats, as a project for our lunch on Faire Day (this Faire Day was a good few hours journey from our home). Of course, the gods have a sense of humor and made sure that it was going to rain on the days of smoking. Not having a dedicated smoke house (although it now appears that may change) meant that Eidiard had to figure out a way to accomplish this… since the meats, once smoked, needed some time to ‘sit’ to maximize their flavors. I am happy to say, that even with all the challenges the gods threw at him, Eidiard was successful in his endeavors.

I decided, that we needed to have some bread to go with the meat and pulled out my baking skills. I decided to make a sourdough bread using the spelt flour that we had traded for. Even with the damp weather, my bread loaves were successful. Not having a purpose built bread oven, while challenging, was not an impediment to the success of the loaves.

In all, our lunch with our friends at the Faire Day was quite successful, tasty, and filling.

Our lunch Photo credit - Tammy Crawford

Our lunch. Photo credit – Tammy Crawford

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