Bringing the Early Iron Age to Life


Woke up this morning, slightly before sunrise. The cow and sheep were making more than their usual amount of noise in the byre… the only thing I can think of, is that a strange dog or cat must have disturbed them. I’m not too worried about the possibility of a strange cat, since it was problably hunting some voles. Useful, as there have been a few incursions by voles into the grain bin for the animals.

After checking on the animals, and seeing if the geese had laid any new eggs, I returned to my hearth to stir up the fire, and get some breakfast. I added a few berries that I managed to forage the other day into my cooking pot, to add some sweetness to my barley pottage. As it warms up gently, beside the fire, I puttered around, straightening things up a bit from last night that I missed in the darkness.

Today I will be checking on how the grain plantings are doing. We’re getting close to harvest time, and I don’t want to lose too much of the planting to the ever present wind, in case there’s a late storm. With all the heat we’ve been having, I think the barley and spelt will be ripening quicker and hope to the Gods that we can get it in before any early fall/winter storms hit. After that, I’ll make sure that the pasture i’ve planned for the sheep to move into is good to go… meaning, making sure that the sheep won’t be able to get through the border walls. Of course, this is an ongoing problem, since a few of the ewes are apparently excape artists. I still have plenty of wool to finish spinning, and need to grab another spindle, so I can take it with me. I’ll never get all the yarn made I need for Eidiard’s new cloak, if I don’t get it all spun soon.

Well, smells like my breakfast is ready. Have to go… more later.

What are your thoughts?

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