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Signs of life (modern/mundane)

So, about a week ago, my wonderful husband brought home a bag of einkorn wheat berries from a local bulk food store. I wondered if they might be viable to grow as a cereal crop.

On 16 January 2017, I opened the bag, pinched out a few grains, and set the test up to see if they would sprout. The only information I could find on sprouting grains was from people who were more interested in sprouting the grains to then dry (again) to make sprouted grain flour/bread. This process of sprouting goes by the older name (used in beer making) as malting, but don’t tell the hipsters that! *wink*

I am happy to report today, 18 January 2017, that there are indeed signs of life from the einkorn! I am going to continue the experiment, to see how far they will go. I am hopefull that I may actually have a wheat crop to sow this spring.

Unsprouted Einkorn kernel

Unsprouted Einkorn kernel

Signs of viability - Einkorn kernels

Signs of viability – Einkorn kernels

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